Cartograph Map Viewer

Cartograph is an online- and offline map viewing and track logging application running on Android, Apple iOS, Windows Phone, MacOS, and Windows. The app supports the popular Mapsforge offline map format, as well as raster maps (SQLite, RMap, MBTiles), slippy tile maps (for instance tile servers), ans wireless map services (WMS).

Overlay maps

The Cartograph app supports two map layers. The second map layer can be used for all maps, but it is most useful for overlay maps (such as OpenSeaMap) or hillshading.

Overlays and POIs

The Cartograph app supports offline overlays which display additional information (for instance points of interest) on top of the map. Default overlays include drinking water sources, hostels, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Background tracking

The Cartograph app supports background GPS tracking. On Windows and MacOS (both desktop versions) external serial and Bluetooth GPS devices ("GPS mice") are supported.

Track editing

Simple track editing functions allow modification (add/move/delete) of track-, and waypoints.

Live tracking

The Cartograph app supports live tracking (sending of the own position), as well as live polling of other users' locations.

3D view

The 3D view gives an overview over the terrain of the current location.

Bluetooth 4 BLE

The Android and iOS versions of Cartograph support Bluetooth 4 BLE devices, such as Polar H7 heartrate monitors.